Alexandra Rosenstein: CT Poker Player

Alexandra Rosenstein has a long way to go from her local CT poker table to the World Series of Poker circuit, but she loves to play the popular game of chance and skill for fun and for money. Rosenstein has never been one to bet big on a pair of pocket nines, but she has learned many tips from more experienced poker players she shares a table with regularly in her community. Rosenstein is a pharmaceutical researcher finding, as she puts it “the things that will make people sick” in new medicines and drugs trying to make it to the market.

Alexandra Rosenstein is well-known in small pockets of CT where she plays regular poker games. She learned over many games over several years that she can’t be scared to make the big bet, go all-in, or call opponents when she thinks they’re bluffing. Rosenstein also takes care to never reveal if she or if she is not bluffing or otherwise trying to bid another player out of the game. She takes each hand on its own, independently, one hand at a time. She bids based on her chip stacks, of course, but she doesn’t let a loss in the previous hand affect her decisions in the current hand, unless she learned a valuable lesson about her opponents in the previous hand.

Alexandra Rosenstein has taken the small tips and pieces of advice to heart in her poker games in CT. She has also learned an invaluable amount about the game from playing with serious players.



Alexandra Rosenstein: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Working out in a CT Gym

Alexandra Rosenstein loves going to the gym and working out in CT, but she’s well-aware of the common annoyances and pitfalls that come with using a gym. Rosenstein is a pharmaceutical researcher in charge of conducting studies on the efficacy and safety of various medications trying to go to market. Her work can be stressful because it involves coordination between many different individuals and interests, as well as precise medical research work. Rosenstein mitigates her stress by working out. She takes long runs to help her participate in distance races throughout her community, bikes, and goes surfing. Sometimes, under the right circumstances, she works out at a gym.

Alexandra Rosenstein, like many gym-goers in CT and elsewhere have to deal with annoyances at times that she wouldn’t have to face on the bike or running trail. Still, going to the gym to take advantage of the equipment and facilities is worth it. One annoyance, however, is the unwanted attention of other gym-goers. Some go to the gym with their friends or to socialize in general. This is perfectly acceptable behavior, but individuals have to realize that many at the gym feel their most vulnerable. They’re weak from working out, sweaty and tired from pushing themselves, so a social or even a romantic advance is not warranted.

Alexandra Rosenstein tries to hit the gym in CT at the same time the diehard fitness people go—early in the morning when unserious types haven’t gotten out of bed yet.


Alexandra Rosenstein: CT Distance Races

Alexandra Rosenstein loves summer in CT because it means another round of distance races she can participate in. Rosenstein loves to run in marathons and other long-distance races for charitable causes and just to show what she can do in a distance race. She keeps herself fit by jogging, biking, wave boarding, and surfing in her free time, and she loves to apply that fitness to a competitive race whenever she can. Rosenstein works in New Jersey as a pharmaceutical researcher, helping to conduct studies on a variety of new medications and drugs to ensure they are safe and effective.

Alexandra Rosenstein has been participating in CT distance races for many years. She loves the feeling her body gets when it’s focused and intent on finishing the race in the fastest time possible. Training for these races is not easy, requiring a long, slow build-up of stamina while avoiding injury. Rosenstein says that she challenges herself to “run at different speeds and in different places to get my body used to the changes-of-pace I face in the actual race.” Rosenstein doesn’t employ a personal trainer, but she does work hard to build up her stamina in a safe and effective way, running different distances at different paces while always giving her body time to heal.

Alexandra Rosenstein sees all of CT as her backyard and loves to test herself with distance runs through some of the trails and natural areas around her as she trains for her next race.


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Alexandra Rosenstein: CT Biker

Alexandra Rosenstein, a CT resident, doesn’t live close enough to her New Jersey office to bike every day, but she does enjoy biking to do some of her errands and just to explore and experience her region whenever she can get away. Rosenstein is a pharmaceutical researcher with a lust for life. From an early age, she has “basically gotten onto every bike, surf board, wave board, and water ski” she has found, seeking the rush of excitement and thrill of moving fast on land or on water. Rosenstein is a part of a team that conducts important research on the efficacy and safety of medications and drugs for people throughout the United States.

Alexandra Rosenstein loves to bike around CT, from long distance routes to shorter spurts around town. She loves the feel of the road beneath her tires and says that she feels like she’s flying when the wind kicks up in her hair as glides down the pavement. While Rosenstein sometimes bikes without a helmet for shorter, safer cruises, whenever she has to deal with a long road or traffic, she always puts a helmet on to protect herself. This might take away from that wonderful feeling of the wind her hair, but wearing a helmet is the single most important thing anyone can do to protect themselves from a potentially life-changing injury on the road.

Alexandra Rosenstein lives in CT, though she’s not very far from her New Jersey office.. She is constantly looking for new places to bike and explore whenever possible.

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Alexandra Rosenstein: New Jersey Pharmaceutical Researcher and CT Wave Boarder

Alexandra Rosenstein has always been fascinated by extreme sports as a kid growing up in CT. While she never went pro in skating or surfing like she wanted, Rosenstein still keeps her childhood dreams alive by seeking out the best surfing and wave boarding spots around. Rosenstein works as a pharmaceutical researcher and has built a successful career out her work. But she still looks for new ways to catch the same excitement she felt on her first wave board when she was six years old. “I held on to the side of the board for dear life, closed my eyes, and screamed. After a while I realized I was still hanging onto the board and smiling.”

Alexandra Rosenstein goes to the ocean to wave board, which involves catching the waves as the come into the shore and using them to propel oneself amongst the surf by the beach. Rosenstein also loves to challenge herself at waterparks with their fast-paced wave boarding features, trying to stay on the board for as long as possible before she loses her balance. Rosenstein is not afraid of the water or of falling off, and she says that’s what keeps her on the board and looking for more opportunities to wave board whenever possible.

Alexandra Rosenstein loves her home in CT and the opportunities it affords her to find her next great wave boarding and surfing beach. She loves the ocean and playing in the water whenever she can get away from her constant work as a pharmaceutical researcher.

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Alexandra Rosenstein: Surfing Around the World

Alexandra Rosenstein has always loved to travel beyond her home state of CT. She started to travel around the United States with her parents as a young girl and has since carried that love of the open road and the unknown into adulthood. She loves to take road trips, especially: “Traveling West in my old Chevy was the closest I’ve felt to the heart of America as I’ve ever felt,” she says. One reason, or excuse, she has to travel is to find new surfing spots in Connecticut and beyond. Over time, she has found surfing spots all over the world that she hopes to return to as her career as a pharmaceutical researcher takes off.

Alexandra Rosenstein considers her excursions beyond CT and the United States in general to be exhilarating. For Rosenstein, traveling to a new place with a different culture and society than her own is in itself a rush. She loves trying new foods, listening to new music, and talking to people from around the world. But she gets a double exhilaration when she puts her surf board in the water. Part of the challenge of surfing goes beyond simply trying to stay upright and hit the biggest waves, it’s finding the next best spot to catch waves. The exploration of strange and foreign beaches is big part of the experience for her.

Alexandra Rosenstein of CT has found beautiful hidden spots on several continents in her travels, and she plans on finding more. Just don’t ask her to reveal her secrets.

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Alexandra Rosenstein: CT Resident and New Jersey Pharmaceutical Researcher

Alexandra Rosenstein, a CT resident, is a part of a New Jersey pharmaceutical research team dedicated to testing new medications for efficacy and safety. She works in New Jersey but contributes to both the Fairfield, Connecticut community she lives in and the New Jersey community she works in with charitable donations and volunteering.

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