Alexandra Rosenstein: New Jersey Pharmaceutical Researcher and CT Wave Boarder

Alexandra Rosenstein has always been fascinated by extreme sports as a kid growing up in CT. While she never went pro in skating or surfing like she wanted, Rosenstein still keeps her childhood dreams alive by seeking out the best surfing and wave boarding spots around. Rosenstein works as a pharmaceutical researcher and has built a successful career out her work. But she still looks for new ways to catch the same excitement she felt on her first wave board when she was six years old. “I held on to the side of the board for dear life, closed my eyes, and screamed. After a while I realized I was still hanging onto the board and smiling.”

Alexandra Rosenstein goes to the ocean to wave board, which involves catching the waves as the come into the shore and using them to propel oneself amongst the surf by the beach. Rosenstein also loves to challenge herself at waterparks with their fast-paced wave boarding features, trying to stay on the board for as long as possible before she loses her balance. Rosenstein is not afraid of the water or of falling off, and she says that’s what keeps her on the board and looking for more opportunities to wave board whenever possible.

Alexandra Rosenstein loves her home in CT and the opportunities it affords her to find her next great wave boarding and surfing beach. She loves the ocean and playing in the water whenever she can get away from her constant work as a pharmaceutical researcher.

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