Alexandra Rosenstein: CT Biker

Alexandra Rosenstein, a CT resident, doesn’t live close enough to her New Jersey office to bike every day, but she does enjoy biking to do some of her errands and just to explore and experience her region whenever she can get away. Rosenstein is a pharmaceutical researcher with a lust for life. From an early age, she has “basically gotten onto every bike, surf board, wave board, and water ski” she has found, seeking the rush of excitement and thrill of moving fast on land or on water. Rosenstein is a part of a team that conducts important research on the efficacy and safety of medications and drugs for people throughout the United States.

Alexandra Rosenstein loves to bike around CT, from long distance routes to shorter spurts around town. She loves the feel of the road beneath her tires and says that she feels like she’s flying when the wind kicks up in her hair as glides down the pavement. While Rosenstein sometimes bikes without a helmet for shorter, safer cruises, whenever she has to deal with a long road or traffic, she always puts a helmet on to protect herself. This might take away from that wonderful feeling of the wind her hair, but wearing a helmet is the single most important thing anyone can do to protect themselves from a potentially life-changing injury on the road.

Alexandra Rosenstein lives in CT, though she’s not very far from her New Jersey office.. She is constantly looking for new places to bike and explore whenever possible.

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