Alexandra Rosenstein CT, former CT resident: Three Facts About Pharmaceutical Science

Alexandra Rosenstein CT, former CT resident, earned Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Science from Rutgers University in 2013. After she completed her education, she launched a successful career in New Jersey. She accepted a position with a prominent firm in the state. Her responsibilities include conducting research into the effectiveness and safety of various drugs before they are released to the public. She enjoys the challenges of pharmaceutical science. If you are interested in the field, there are a few facts that you may need to know.

Pharmaceutical scientists are involved in the development process. There is a major difference between these professionals and pharmacists. Scientists and researchers help develop and analyze medical devices and drugs so that they can be released to patients. Pharmacists are involved with providing patients with the medicine and care they need.

Pharmaceutical scientists and researchers can work for many different companies and organizations. Some researchers take positions with pharmaceutical companies and are involved in developing new drugs and devices. Others may work for organizations that ensure the safety of medical products.

Pharmaceutical science in a broad field with several sub disciplines. Some scientists may work in analysis and pharmaceutical quality while others may be involved with formulation design and development. Pharmaceutical scientists who have a specialization may be able to build a more successful career than their counterparts who just have a general knowledge Alexandra Rosenstein CT, former CT resident, enjoys the working in the pharmaceutical industry and helping to produce safe and effective medical devices. She is a young an ambitious professional.

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