Alexandra Rosenstein CT, former CT resident: How to Become a Pharmaceutical Researcher

Alexandra Rosenstein CT, former CT resident, has been a pharmaceutical research for three years. She earned her undergraduate degree as well as her master’s degree from Rutgers University. She has always excelled at science and enjoys being able to work in a field that she loves. She works with a major pharmaceutical company that is located in New Jersey. If you are interested in becoming a pharmaceutical researcher, there are a few steps that you will need to take.

The first step in becoming a pharmaceutical researcher is to earn an undergraduate degree. In order to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry, you will need to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. You can study chemical engineering or another related field as well. There are some universities that even offer and undergraduate program in pharmaceutical science and chemistry.

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree, you may consider pursuing an advanced degree. A master’s degree can help you obtain a good position with a prominent pharmaceutical company. You can earn a Master of Science in Pharmacology. You may consider gaining real world work experience through internships while you are a student as well.

The final step is to find a position with either a pharmaceutical company or the United State Food and Drug Administration. Rosenstein earned her degrees from a prestigious school and the pursued a career as a pharmaceutical researcher in New Jersey. Alexandra Rothstein CT, former CT resident, is an ambitious young professional and scientist who always enjoys taking on new challenges in her career.

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